Integrated Leadership Solutions 

A one-stop consulting service for your organizational needs.

Leadership and excellence requires flexibility and unique solutions.  We are here to provide both.

Edward Medrano

President and CEO

Our Services

Organizational Assessments
Law Enforcement Consulting
Internal Audits and Compliance
Strategic Planning
Risk Management
Human Resources and Labor Relations
Performance Management and Systems Development
Leadership Training
Executive Coaching
Succession Planning
Team Building

Why work with Integrated Leadership Solutions?

We provide a comprehensive analysis that allows for data-driven solutions and performance metrics.
We understand that soft rewards can be just as valuable as monetary rewards, and we work with clients to ensure all stakeholders feel heard and valued in their work.
We help you anticipate risks as well as opportunities, and work with you to address all potential outcomes.
We partner to develop actionable and meaningful strategies tailored to fit your organization’s needs.
With over 30 years of executive level management experience, we can provide solutions for all areas in your organization.
We assist with all areas of labor relations, including team building, strategic planning, conflict resolution, and more.
We assist in program development with measurable outcomes allowing for additional opportunities via partnerships, organizational growth, enhanced team performance, and more.

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